Friday, 21 March 2014

Babies are way too cute, sigh.

I have never been so excited to meet someone, not even Misha Collins (waits for collective gasp). Yeah, I know. It seemed only yesterday when Hannah let me feel her bump while it moved under my hand, there was actually a person in there, what? My sister, Hannah had a baby boy, Who was born two weeks ago this morning, I was itching all last week to meet him because my dad sent me a picture and he is so cute! Last weekend I went to visit with my dad and the first thing I noticed is that he's tiny. I expected babies to be small but this kid is tiny, he was asleep when I first held him and then we had a lovely cuddle and he told me all the gossip from the womb. But seriously, he was staring at me mouth wide open. I nearly died. To make it worse he has a little blue seat for the bath with fishies and turtles on it, so damn cute. I understand now why bloggers blog about being mummies so much, I'm only his aunt but I'm so incredibly proud of him and my sister that I literally showed everyone the pictures. Babies are way too cute, sigh.