Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Chasing the sun.

Since Friday, the weather has been amazing. I went shopping on Saturday and didn't even have to wear a coat, then on Sunday I wore shorts! Shorts in march? I've become so used to the biting cold and rain that it was a pleasant surprise. I was also going through my instagram photos and listening to spring break playlists on 8tracks and the nostalgia is crazy. I love winter. Christmas, scarves and an excuse to stay in on cold nights but it's all a bit too much after a while. I want to go to the park and not get wet sitting on the grass, I want the sun back and most importantly I want to wear skirts without tights and be able to wear my white converse without them getting super muddy.

It's only March and last year it was snowing well into April, so maybe I'm being a little ambitious but now I've had a taste of that sun I'm ready to swap my good old salted caramel hot chocolate for a lime refresher. So summer if your listening, hurry up. 

Plus, I miss the barbecues! My stomachs getting hungry for some sizzling sausages damn.

Check out my summer favourite playlist here!


  1. I can understand your excitement! I am do excited to see the sun and leave the coat at home!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  2. Couldn't come quicker haha! ;)