Saturday, 8 October 2016

Things you (don't need but) definitely should buy!

I don't know about you guys, but here in the middle of the UK its already getting pretty chilly. Sandals are completely gone and last years jumpers have surfaced from the suitcase under the bed (shared wardrobe problems), but I tell you what is fun about the cold weather apart from loose and layered clothing that hides a multitude of sins. Shopping. New season, new wardrobe. A girl can dream right? So here's a couple bargains I found which will get you in the Autumn mood! 

I have already worn this jumper three days in a row and I absolutely love it. This little pink number was only £7.99 from New Look, £8!! I nearly bought it in blue as well. Its warm and cosy and even cheaper than Primark how can you not love it. The pastel colours also keep it light and pretty so not to overwhelm yourself with the darker colours that come out during this time of year, and will even take you all the way into the Spring months.

This gorgeous blanket I got from Primark the other day, whilst i'm not too fussed on the pattern, it ticked all our boxes. Josh and I have been looking for a blanket that covers all of our three seat sofa, this blanket is not only large enough but soooo incredibly soft as well! We wanted purple in our living room so the purple in the blanket ties in well along with the pink that matches our flowers. After using this the past few days I can confirm that this blanket is so snuggly its perfect for keeping you warm so you don't have to turn your heating on too early in the year and its just so comfortable, well worth the £11. 

Since me and Josh and have moved into our own place i've emptied out 3 candles??? In a week. When I lived with my mom I had a little collection forming which now needs to be expanded quickly. I rarely burnt them before but now we'll always have one or two on the go, its weird how things change when you have your own place. Today I picked up a sampler of candy corn one of yankee candles halloween scents for £1.80 . It smells delicious and i've put it in a little glittery pumpkin that is for tea lights that I found in Wilkinsons for only £2! Its so cute and the copper fits in well with our bathroom theme. Someone recently told me that poundland have some ghost ones as well and whilst I haven't checked them out yet you can't go wrong for a pound! In the meantime though for an extra quid this wilkinson one is beautiful. 

Now this may or may not be the post on which I pledge to keep up with this blog... I've just started my degree so who knows whether i'll stick to it but I reaaally miss writing and keeping up my little part of the internet so we'll see! Let me know what bargains you've found in the comments...

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