Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bicester Village

Who would have thought I would be up and out of the door at qaurter past six in the morning? Not me! Now don't get me wrong, i've seen many six o'clock starts but here's the thing about holidays. There's no college, and on this particular day no work, so why am i throwing away the only lie-ins i'll get until summer? 

Because I am a good girlfriend. That's plain and simple. It had nothing to do with me wanting to go shopping... No not at all. I was accompanying, and then my hand slipped. Into my purse and then into the card machine. 

My boyfriend drove his mom to Banbury on this particular day and she had to be there quite early hence why we had such an early start, and I decided it would be nice to go with him since he may have mentioned his plan to take me to Bicester village... 

Now if you don't know where Bicester is then... I don't know where i'm going with this to be honest i don't really know either. 

But! I'm not completely useless I can tell you what it is! 

It's a cute shopping village full of boutique looking stores, and pretty trees and flowers. It's definitely not your typical shopping trip into town as everything was so beautiful (and expensive). 

The stores are all outlet stores, and they certainly had a lot going for them. Imagine your favourite designer, and yes that was there! (I can't say that for certain it probably wasn't), but they had so many shops. They had the typical Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Ted Baker stores, and they also had a Mulberry, Alexander McQueen and Kate Spade store! (More on Kate Spade later.) 

They also had a Jimmy Choo store but I just admired a lot of them sadly from the window. 

I'm going to admit it, Josh is a brand whore. Just don't tell him I said it! I on the other hand, not so much. I do love expensive clothes, but I find Primark satisfies me enough. 

I think its something to do with the whole I work in McDonalds during weekends while i'm at college, thing. My bank account certainly isn't a pretty site, and therefore I would never be able to justify spending so much. 

Which means I mainly just looked and let Josh do the spending, until my minor slip up but i'll explain that later.

It was a lovely day when we decided to go and I think that just made it for me, not only did I get to browse a load of lovely (and bloody tempting) shops, but I also got to sit in the sun taking in the scenery and enjoying my strawberry frappe. Oh yeah and Josh, I got to spend time with him as well. 

Just before we left, I dragged Josh into Kate Spade. It's not a very popular brand where i'm from, most people don't know who Kate Spade is so a Micheal Kors bag is the next best thing. I did contemplate going into MK which was next door but I decided against it. 

I had resisted spending money for the whole two hours we were shopping, but I have a little space inside my heart for Kate Spade. The watches, the bags, the idiom bangles. I've been obsessing over them for ages, and I was planning to go to the store in London sometime soon. 

Anyway, as soon as we got into Kate Spade I fell in love. I knew what I wanted. I knew what I had to have. I got paid on the day we went (bad idea, I know) and since i've had holiday from college I worked almost everyday the week before and so I succombed. 

Any other pay day I wouldn't have considered spending that much money on a bag, Kate Spade or not. But since my pay had temporarily (*sob at temporarily*) doubled, I could afford the bag. And guess what? Still afford to eat! 

I should really be saving for a car, and our holiday. But hey ho, this was the first designer bag I had ever bought myself and if you ask Josh (do you even know who Josh is? He turned up in my life somewhere in the midst of my time away from the blogosphere) he will tell you how excited I was. I felt like a little kid on Christmas and I was my own Santa! 

It's a beautiful grey colour with a shoulder strap, this was the most important element hands down. And it closes at the front of the bag with a really cute Kate Spade clasp, the inside is a white with Kate Spade New York written over and over again in a satiny white. It's beautiful! 

Now i'll leave you with a picture, and be sure to visit Bicester if your near! Not only did it house the most amazing shops, but because of the cute village feel it made an amazing day out. 

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