Monday, 18 May 2015

What Wonderful Weekends

In the past year I began to stop really enjoying/looking forward to weekends. Shock horror, I know. But I never really did much with my weekends, work and a hell of a lot of drinking was about it. I've come to hate the effort it takes to throw a party and honestly I think i'm done with them for now. I'm not saying i'm packing them in all together, but they would be a lot more fun if I waited a few weeks, months even inbetween them. 

Recently though due to a new addition in my life, i've fallen in love with them again. Due to circumstances the most time I get to spend with said new addition consists mainly of the weekend. 

I'm still going to work, and i'm still going out but I find that now its so much funner. I guess I just wasn't cut out for the hardcore party life like I thought. It's just not for me. 

Now I find myself doing things I never really did before and things I never would even think could be fun. They just fill me with a bit more content than a stomach full of alcohol ever could. 

So for today's blog post i'm here to tell you about the weekends that have had me wishing for Friday again. 

Two Friday nights ago Josh (for those of you (so all of you) who don't know is the new addition) Tom (a friend from work who happens to be his little brother) and I went to watch unfriended. It was fun! The film was absolutely terrible i'm not going to lie to you, a couple even walked out half way through. But spending the evening with the current two favourite boys in my life just felt nice, and Tom cracked me up when he mentioned he couldn't read half of the writing which was a big part of the film because he left his glasses at home!

Two Saturday nights ago Josh, Tom, Hollie (Tom's friend) and I went to Josh and Tom's Grandad's 65th birthday party. I met a lot of their family and had a really nice night. Afterwards we headed back to Josh's and spent the evening talking and listening to good music. I really like Josh's parents and spending time with them is really enjoyable.

Last Saturday night Josh and I went to an awards evening for one of his friends James (who I also happened to work with) and I spent a lot of the night talking with his girlfriend Leah (who I also work with, see a recurring theme??) and at the end of the evening Josh and I danced a little and it was great. Slow dancing with Josh singing in my ear had butterflies in my stomach, Josh then took a liking to a slide and I ended up running around McDonalds with no shoes on because my feet were killing me. Heels are the devil. 

Then Friday night, Josh and I went out to the pub with his parents and enjoyed a few drinks and some good chat. I never thought a night out with your boyfriends mom and dad would be a good time, but it was and I really enjoy myself everytime we go. Like I said earlier I really like his parents, and I feel comfortable around them. I've found I really like meeting Josh's family, i'm awkward and quiet first but then I feel like i'm learning more about Josh and becoming a bigger part of his life and that brings me great excitement. 

Lastly on Saturday night Josh and I went to the dogs with James and Leah again, and I had a great time once again! I know its not everyone's cup of tea and a lot of people disagree with it but I like watching the dog racing, and Josh enjoys betting along with his friend so it made a pretty good double date night! I did get ID'd at the bar for a pepsi though, who knew I would need ID to get a soft drink?? Luckily Leah came to the bar with me and she had ID so I got my pepsi! It wasn't even coke? Why so much effort?!

These chill evenings with good company and the guy in my life just make me wish for weekends again! It's so much easier to get through a Saturday shift when you've had an early night and cuddles and knowing that when you get home from work there's someone amazing waiting to spend the evening with you!

That's enough from me! I'd love to hear about what you look forward to at the weekends, leave your comments below!

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