Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I only went in for deodorant.

I am in dire need of some new deodorant, so I popped in to Sainsbury's and came out half an hour later and £30 poorer. Umm, how? I don't know to be honest, I did get deodorant so at least I didn't come out without that I guess. While I was wondering that section of Sainsbury's though I just had to pop into the skin care isle. I've been having some dry skin issues, and a few people have pointed it out. Joshua, on a few occasions touched my forehead and scratched the little dry flakes just above the inbetween of my eyebrows. Thanks boyfriend for pointing out my the skincare issues i'm battling very emotionally right now, jokes. So I went to find a nice exfoliator that I can use to get rid of my flakes, even though I was starting to like them to be honest. Loved the way it made the fact I was wearing foundation 10 times more obvious and I didn't look like I just had genuinely amazing skin. 

I did find the L'Oréal Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator which was on offer for £3 and I thought to myself bargain!! No flakes for a mere three quid, into the basket it went. But I just found it in Boots for £2 on offer so maybe I was fooled a little. Its designed for dull skin, so i'm hoping it will do wonderful things to my over worked, over colleged skin. Probably not, I didn't just spend £100 in SpaceNk. If it does get rid of the flakes, I guess I can let that bit go though. 

 Also grabbed a card and some chocolates for my mom who recently passed her last assignment on her uni course, and officially starts her new job next month. Go momma! While I was buying the good luck card there was a man in the way and i'm too awkward to say anything so I just browsed the magazines while I waited for him to choose his anniversary card. (Happy anniversary btdubz.) I ended up throwing Cosmo in my basket and I've been reading it on the 45 minute bus journey to college and it was the best pound I ever spent, not even twitter can keep me entertained for that bloody long. I bought Cosmo because I haven't seen Company on the shelves in ages, I used to always buy Company, I had every issue for a year, and reading that inspired me to aspire to a career in fashion media so as you can imagine i'm extremely sad its disappeared.

As it's a Tuesday, and everyone knows nothing exciting happens on a mid-week evening when your boyfriend just wants his dinner and a bath, and the tv is shite. So me, the last pages of Cosmo and my tubs of Ben and Jerry's (£2.50 everyone!!!! Except the core one) will sit watching x-factor at home. Which I am indeed watching right now whilst I write this, why so moody Simon? 

I haven't watched x-factor yet because Saturday I worked from 3 in the afternoon till 11 at night, and then volunteered to work Monday from 6 am (yeah, finished at 11pm had to get up 5am) to 4pm so I didn't want to watch it when I got home Sunday and I spent the rest of Monday passed out. I can imagine Josh was not happy that as soon as I got into bed I just dribbled on his shoulder all night until 6 the next morning. 

SO yeah, that's my evening. Please tell me that I am not the only one who goes into Sainsbury's for one thing and comes out with fifty? And please say that i'm not the only working crazy hours at work to pay for my holiday? Make me feel sane! 


  1. I think Company has changed to just being an online magazine now :) but you've totally made me want to pick up Cosmo as well. I picked up the Blondie Brownie Ben and Jerry's for half price in Asda as well, it's sooo good!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Nooo, I loved that magazine so much! Its not the same online (says the blogger haha). I you love the blondie brownie, yous hould try the karamel sutra!