Monday, 20 July 2015


I don't know what it is about birthdays, but they just really get me excited! I have always loved celebrations and any excuse to buy presents. Birthdays are a sure fire way to get (most) people in a good mood. 

We were counting down the days till one of my work friends Laura's 21st and we happened to be working the same shift on her last day of work before the week she booked off for the occasion, and since she didn't know i'd be seeing her before her birthday (surprise!) we spent it celebrating. 

To make it even better on my break I went out and bought some candles and a cake, then hid them in my locker. It was a late shift so the inside of the store was empty and I had told my manager Kyle about the cake so we rushed to get all the cars through drive through as quick as possible. Laura knew something was up and you could see she was getting nervous evertime Charlotte came up to front counter to see if the cake was ready yet! 

When drivethrough was empty Kyle and I tried to light all the candles in a massive rush, and we took the cake to Laura. Who tried running away, much to her dismay Kyle wouldn't let that happen and we all sang happy birthday! It was a really nice end to my shift and I know Laura loved it despite her embarrassment. 

Then a few days later on Saturday Josh and I headed over to Charlotte's with some other girls from work, since Laura's so persistent Charlotte couldn't keep her away from her house for as long as she'd hoped so Laura was the first person to her surprise party. Why doesn't that surprise me? It was a nice night with everyone and I hope Laura had a great 21st. George even made curry and I tried it and liked it! Me?? Guess I have no excuse now when Josh wants to go for a curry... 

Overall it was lovely seeing Laura happy and celebrating her birthday with her, and all the little surprises were lovely. If you have any stories of surprises i'd love to know in the comments! 

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