Monday, 20 July 2015

The back scratch multitask.

Life is pretty sweet right now, its SUMMER can I get a hell yeah? So even though i'm not at college i'm seeing my friends more, my boyfriend more, and my paychecks are looking good. 

I'm currently lying in bed taking roll of Josh's back scratcher  its incredibly cute that for once Josh fell asleep on me instead of vice versa! He woke up a few minutes ago moaned he was hot, demanded a kiss and a backscrscratch , then rolled over and fell straight back to sleep! 

So here I am trying to scratch Josh's back with hand while writing this blog post with the other hand on my phone. I'm a multitasking queen!

Mmhh.. Now there's crumbs in the bed, after I momentarily paused this post to munch on the donuts next to the bed that I made Josh take me to Tesco's for earlier. 

How do you tell when you've become too comfortable in a relationship? Is it when you laugh so hard at their jokes that you fart and not very discreetly (totally never happened I will deny my laugh-farts ok). 

Or did this become apparent when I dragged Josh down the tampon aisle and then the chocolate aisle and told him to prepare for the week ahead. 

Or when you start bypassing the cuddles after sex and stand with the window cracked open wafting yourself to create a breeze looking nowhere near sexy hunched over and panting, yet not giving a shit. 

I think me and Josh have got too comfortable. Yes. 

But I can't complain, the romance is still there! He bought me flowers last week for my birthday, we still hold hands over the table during dinner and to be honest I have never been so affectionate or felt such affection before. The more we see each other, the longer we're together, and a lot of the time when we're not together shows me how much i'm loved, and it's fabulous.

What i've noticed more than ever though is I am a jealous person. I get a serious case of the green eyed monster if anyone else has Josh's attention. 

When we first got together I encouraged Josh to go out with his friends, and I enjoyed the time away to do something else. Now i'm trying to guilt trip him into thinking of me the whole time he's there, which honestly defeats the point of him being there, and when it comes to other girls... Just trust me when I say I am not proud. 

I've never considered myself a jealous person before but it didn't take long to unveil the truth. 

But this relationship malarky is good! It's nice and i'm happy. Ew gushy. Now i'm gonna go eat the rest of these donuts. 

Leave me a comment! Are you in a relationship or loving the single life?p

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