Monday, 17 August 2015

Growing Pains

Recently its occurred to me that escaping the future is impossible, and right now the future seems scary.

I have two completely different roads that I may take starting September, and its crazy to think that the one person alone who knows next to nothing about me gets to decide which path I take after looking at four letters on a piece of paper which determine my intelligence. Yeah I know, I'm exaggerating a little but right now I feel like I'm counting down the days until someone chooses how I spend the next year of my life for me. (Although it is ultimately due to the decisions and mistakes I made in the past year that landed me in this position.) 

And the other day I had a party to celebrate (or in my case to forget) about the A-level results, and I didn't realise how many of my friends and people I went to school with now had jobs and serious relationships.. and are driving?!

Like seriously, what happened? Last year I was the only one of us with a job, I never even thought about one boy for more than five minutes and none of us had even started driving lessons! A lot of my friends are nearly eighteen and saying goodbye to the parties we had in my garden full of underage drinking and smoking, now there's people who aren't even drinking half the time they go out because they're driving home! Going out more and for meals a bit more nicer than maccies with money that we earnt ourselves. Talking about uni and living alone, learning the world of cooking cleaning and not having to tell your mom where you are all the damn time.

I can imagine that the part of the blog community that are a lot older than me and will probably read this and laugh at how young we still are, but its weird thinking that i'm definitely not a child anymore but am I ready to be and adult?

All the big things like living hours away from your family, starting to pay bills, driving a car, being able to get into clubs without worrying that you don't look like whoever's ID you've borrowed. In November i'm going to have to make sure I get on the right plane, and not die in a foreign country without my parents there to hold my hand.

Its exciting but incredibly scary at the same time,  why can't we just stick to easy decisions underage drinking and begging our moms for money for the cinema. Can't life always be this easy?

To accompany this post I thought I'd put a cute little timeline of my baby photos to now I don't have many from my young teen ages but that's probably best haha, enjoy!

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