Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Parties, Pizza and Football!

Summer is very much coming to a close, i'm back in college briefly next week and it hits full force on the 8th.I'm itching to get back into routine and get this year started but I also know i'm going to miss the holidays deeply. I just want to lie in bed all day watching netflix occasionally moving to make food or do something fun. The last week or so has been a good run, so for today's blog post I thought we could have a good picture heavy recap post. So grab a coffee or a tea and read my rambling on about the past week or so!

I've been learning to drive! You might want to keep off the roads haha, but in all seriousness I actually really enjoy driving, I have only done about four hours so far but I am totally loving it. My instructor says my clutch control and my positioning is good for how many lessons i've had, but he's had to grab the wheel a few times and put my indicator on for me once or twice. Whoops.

I also picked up my AS level results which were not too great, my english teacher wants me to get my paper remarked but its going to cost me £50 which is a bit off putting, i'm going to do it anyway though. To celebrate I opened a bottle of champagne and ordered pizza with my close friends, then celebrated with a few more at the weekend. Speaking of school, I also enrolled into year 13, your girl gets to finish her A levels!

I've had a good few nights/days this week with family and friends. I stopped at my aunts in the week and we had a good goss as well as making some delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! I also visited my cousins and we ended up going to Asda and I bought myself some flowers and tried a cheeseburger pizza, it was actually delicious. Then Thursday I went to pizza hut with the girls and we had a pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust and a salted caramel cookie dough desert that was literally heaven. 

The weekend was crazy and very troublesome for me, it passed so quickly and was so awful yet it had its good moments. Friday night was Aimee's birthday so we went round to hers and beforehand met up in the park where we messed about on the swings and I felt like I was twelve again which was nice. 

Then after work on Saturday Charlie and Abbie put me up for the night which we spent eating pizza and chocolate, watching netflix, and gossiping till four am. After everything that else that happened Friday and Saturday it was nice to know that true friends are out there and will always be there for you! 

Charlie works at thorntons so she bought me a gift to cheer me up!

Sunday morning before work I went to the tea rooms with Josh and we talked and drank tea, all the weekends problems came to an end Sunday afternoon just before I started my shift at work and in put me in an amazing mood. To top it off I spent Sunday night at Abbie's which was nice to chat after work, and Monday night I had a lovely netflix night with Josh which led to me agreeing to see the football with him on Tuesday... 

That actually wasn't too bad we met up at a pub with some others beforehand for a drink and had to walk what seemed like ages to get to the blues ground, it was cold and wet because it was raining and i'm not really a big fan of football so I wasn't really interested in the game. When we were going into the ground I couldn't get through the turnstile and it was so embarrassing, there were loads of people there and Josh and another steward just watched me struggle. Josh even laughed! But it was a nice night and I got to see my dad as well who works as a steward there. Maybe i'll go to another one.. maybe not. The chants were quite entertaining but I couldn't understand why they were chanting against the Villa??? There is obviously some deep rooted issue there, since they weren't playing them. I did feel bad for a player who fell over like three times, that's probably more embarrassing than my turnstile issues! Blues won against Gillingham 2-0 which meant Josh was a happy bunny and we got McDonalds, yes!

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