Monday, 3 August 2015

21 Reasons Why I Love You For Your 21st Birthday

Josh turns twenty one today! Twenty one! My favourite drama queen has decided he is now too old and refuses to get excited for his birthday, boo. He's only twenty one?? Imagine what he'll be like when he's thirty? Let alone fourty. Luckily that's far in the future and we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

To make it a special birthday I made Josh a scrapbook with twenty one reasons why I love him inside, some are very cheesy beware. And for todays post since its Josh's birthday i've decided to share them with you! 

We're also going to Miller & Carter for dinner which I am looking forward to and I bought GOT s1-4 and i'm hoping he waits to watch them with me! 

It took a lot of time to make this and to keep it as manly as possible, he better like it haha! 

1. I love it when you call me H, I thought it was weird when you first called me it but i've grown to love your nickname for me.
2. You spend a lot of time with me and my friends and they've all grown to love you which is incredibly important to me.
3. Without you I would never know how wonderful it feels to sleep soundly beside someone. 
4. No matter what mood i'm in whenever I see you I can't help but smile.
5. Because despite all the mornings you've woke up next to me when i'm smelly with greasy hair and mascara on my cheeks yet you still call me beautiful.
6. You're incredibly handsome.
7. You put up with me even though I can be very challenging, like the time I spilt all my coke in the bed or when you had to pick me up from the Arcadian because I was so drunk i'd spent my taxi fair. (Though to be honest you're worse to deal with!)
8. You always smell amazing, and Paco Raban will forever remind me of you.
9. You admit i'm a princess! I already knew that obviously but its nice to hear someone else say it.
10. We get to do cute things together and you never complain when I drag you around places I want to go. (The zoo is still on the list though.)
11. You're a complete gentlemen and I can't remember the last time I opened a door around you.
12. The first thing I noticed when we began dating is that you take a ridiculous amount of time to get dressed after you shower even when we have to be somewhere, and however weird it is I find it really funny and I love that about you. Plus I get to take sneaky pictures of you in your pants.
13. You have an amazing and welcoming family and I don't think we would work as well as we do if you didn't.
14. I love it when you play with my hair, it feels safe.
15. There's nothing better than a text off of you saying "good morning babe" or "how was your day beautiful?". 
16. I know you trust me and I hope you know I trust you, and I know that I never have to keep secrets from you and that you wont keep them from me.
17. I see a future with you that's wonderful and exciting.
18. You love me as you would say "like a lot" and it makes my day to know you love me or are missing me as much as i do you.
19. You have an amazing family and I don't think we would work as well as we do if they weren't so welcoming. 
20. Because you're my best friend, I can always tell you if something is wrong because you always make me feel better. 
21. Because you push me to do things I need to do but don't want to, and you're the practical voice that I don't seem to have. 

Happy birthday Josh, I love you! 

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