Tuesday, 5 April 2016


I'm tired and I can not sleep. I sleep on my left side and it hurts, I sleep on my right side and it hurts. When I get comfy my mouth suddenly dries up like the sahara desert so I move on to have a drink and then shit i'm back to square one. Basically soz holl but you aren't sleeping tonight or this morning or whatever. Its surprising how much crying, Jane the Virgin (my new fave on netflix btdubz) and codeine you can fit into one night (that was a joke only every four hours I know). And since I cannot blue peter style a here's one I wrote earlier there is no time better than the present to write a blog post.

So before every gland in my neck decided to swell up nicely :) :) :) I did some things. Some cute things, and had some cute feelings to document on the blog so here we go. 
The boyf and I took a trip into Stratford on good Friday to go to the butterfly farm, this is something I used to do all the time when I was a kid so I was mega excited. The butterflies were cute and one sat on josh's shoulder and just wouldn't move. There was also a really cool ants nest (is it a nest?) and I was fascinated watching the ants carrying leaves, if not a little creeped out though. 

I've also been developing a new kind of butterflies. A silent butterfly that instead of fluttering around in my stomach just sits and glows. Probably thinking of double cheeseburgers or ooooo I could polish off more than one maccies hash brown rn. Anywho yes i've got a glowing butterfly in my stomach and at first I thought it was just love (aw yh i know it gets more sickly) but i've changed my mind now. I've named this little butterfly appreciation. 

I don't know if thats exactly what this warm glow is, maybe i'm wrong, wouldn't be the first time but it will do for now. Is it weird to appreciate someone's presence in your life? Like just having them sat accross from you whilst you're eating, and appreciating their efforts. Just spooning and having your hair stroked after polishing off more than a spoon ful of Ben&Jerries. Someone who's texts leave you feeling content no matter how dull because they take their time to message you. 

I just kinda look at Josh sometimes and think about how sad I would be without him, and whaddya know the butterflies making a visit again. 

Ah that's got to be it for today because its time to stop rambling and call my doctors, or ya know just lie in bed all day till I eventually fall asleep. Maybe even do some revision.. Yeah.. Haha...

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