Friday, 22 April 2016

Nyx blush and lip cream review.

Like every girl who started using makeup thanks to YouTube videos, there's just one little problem. American makeup (particularly drug store) brands differ from the brands you'll find in the UK. From the ripe old age of 13 i've dreamt about being let loose in a target and buying as much wet n wild or Covergirl makeup as i can fit in a trolley (don't judge I did say 13), so when I was walking past Boots today its no surprise I noticed the new Nyx stall they've put in. 

Okay so i'm a tad exaggerating but who really cares? 

The point is Boots bought in Nyx. Those soft matte lipcreams and eyeshadow sticks in cottage cream (or something like that) I could finally get my hands on easily. 

I think it was last Friday that Boots officially launched it and I couldn't help but popping in, I filled my hands with about £70s worth of stuff I don't need but then realised pay day was only yesterday and i'm supposed to be saving for a holiday.. And a car. So yeah I settled with just two products that I wanted to try. 

(And some other new things but hey I never claimedto be good at saving). 

The blush is in Crimson and its a crazy red, but its really cute and with a light hand just gives a prominent flush of colour. 

I wore the soft matte lip cream in Milan on a night of eating and drinking on the weekend and only really had to apply it once or twice. Its the perfect pink that I love its a bit darker than the photo of me wearing it shows (i'm also wearing the blush) but its still quite vibrant and isn't too drying either! 

I really love these products i'm going to have to revisit the Nyx stand, god help my bank balance haha.

Have any of you tried any of these products? Let me know!


  1. I'm desperate to find NYX products but none of these Boots stores around me seem to have them! That lip colour looks great on you :)

    Georgie xo