Thursday, 28 April 2016

My favourite time of year!

It's exam season, can i get a hell yeah? Hell no! Everybody's stressed, tensions are rising high and there's more roasting in the group chat than ever. The girl sat next to me in Psychology is pulling her god damn hair out again, and the guy next to me in English is telling me he needs to start revising. Start?! The exam is next week... 

Are you stressed out with exams? Never fear because today boys and girls I am here to teach you all the tips and tricks that are a sure fire way to pass your exams. 


This one is key my history teacher once told me to spend 6 hours a day revising, so if you're not getting those 6 hours in then my god you're not getting enough. BUT don't forget all your homework and coursework as well as your 6 hours. Easily done, am I right?


So when you're done doing your insane amounts of revision and other school assignments you better sleep, you're a growing person (i'm assuming) so you are going to need a good 10-12 hours to make sure you don't fall asleep during your revision. 


Now you're going to need to eat breakfast before your exam, all your hard work will go to waste if you're too preoccupied thinking about the chicken wrap you're going to have for lunch. So after your revision, after your sleep, then you eat. Easy enough! You may not be awake on time after the 10-12 hour sleep you took because you're tired from the mass hours revision but you must eat before you leave the house. It's a must. 


Stay away from hormonal teenage girls during exam season, they're stressed. You're stressed. Everyone's stressed. That's usually when the claws come out. Good news is, you won't have time to revise, sleep, eat breakfast AND socialize  So lucky enough for you this step will be easy. 


For a sure fire way to fail your exams, you can fob off all your responsibilities and spend time with your boyfriend. There will be no revision, no sleep but there will be food and guess what?!? You didn't pay for it and you also won't have to pay for extensions. Unlike the girl in my psych class, bless her. 

How are you exams going? Are you getting all my tips done? If you are then who are you and how do I become you? 

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