Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Favourites

Woo, Friday is here! Oh wait... I work weekends. Still, the Friday feeling is there! Friday nights are just so much better than any other night even with the knowledge that I've got work in the morning. To celebrate I thought I would do a Friday favourites post and tell you all what I've been loving recently so get excited. Also I got a couple exciting packages today which I will also be writing about on the blog so keep your eyes peeled.

To kick off my favourites post, we'll talk about TV. Oh my god, I can't stop watching TV its just sooo good. Two new TV shows however (and when I say new I mean like 2 seasons in but new to me). FIRST OF ALL Jane the Virgin. This show had me through one season of Netflix in a day and consequently onto E4oD straight away for season 2 because, damn cliff hanger. If you haven't watched it the generally low down is this girl Jane who still hasn't popped her... Is artificially inseminated and bam is pregnant. I want to tell you so much about this show, because its my favourite show at the moment as its funny and there's romance problems and a really weird but that's what makes it so good voice over. Everything I need in a TV show.

The TV love doesn't end there though, also on 4oD, is You're Back in the Room. Josh said we should watch it and I was like welllll if you want to babe whilst secretly thinking no no no, I sort of thought it was a psychic thing which is not my thing. It is however amazing. I laughed so badly through the first episode I watched, I actually could've cried, and I actually got Josh to pause it so I could wee before I wet myself. The idea is a group of 5 people do tasks to earn £25,000 to split between them but at the same time they're hypnotised to make it harder. For example they were in a diner set up and one person gets the burger the next the fries etc ectc. One girl was hypnotised to think she was covered in grease and could not even stand up, I was crying it was so funny. The other guy believed he was in a shampoo commercial (he was bald), and was rubbing ketchup and mustard all over his head and Phillip Schofield's it was hilarious. A lot of people say they don't believe in the hypnotism, but even if you didn't its still an absolutely hilarious show to watch!

Next on my list of favourites for this week is...

Nakd Cocoa Orange bars

These little bars are so good! This week I haven't had any chocolate or basically anything that's not that good for you, all my snacks are either fruit or chopped up veggies and it's getting boring. I neeeed chocolate so I snapped up these to fill my need. All that's in them is dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa and a hnt of natural orange flavouring. So they're a pretty healthy snack and I get to feel like i'm eating a chocolate bar! Haha, they're a little bit pricey as they are £2.50 for only four bars but I have found since eating healthier I am actually saving money! And my mom told me healthy eating was too expensive. No more quick maccies or subways at lunch, no more meal out or chocolate buying sprees in Sainsburys, or spending £10 a day in Costa. It actually is so much cheaper, so I don't mind paying £5 a week for the closest thing I'll get to a chocolate fix (for now).

This palette is a new favourite of mine, every time we went out somewhere, or I got brunch with friends or drinks in Weatherspoon's I would just put shimmery rose colour all over my lid. It's the top row second from the left, its just a lovely subtle colour and I have never really put a pinky colour as a base before I am a fan of beiges and gold or browns but i'm loving the simple shimmer and hint of colour this has and it looks really nice. It has good staying power and lasts even longer if I put one of the cream shadows underneath! I kept away from a crease colour with this look, but I made sure to line my eyes with my favourite L'Oréal eyeliner and add a subtle or dramatic flick depending on the occasion.

Primark Cleansing Brush

Sometimes when I cleanse my face I never feel like its got deep enough, got all of that makeup that's still sat in my pores. I recently picked up this little pink thing and its made my face washing routine so much better! Sometimes I use it with my L'Oréal gentle exfoliator and sometimes with my BalanceMe cleanser and both times it works perfect. As its got little bristles it definitely feels like it has more impact than my hands for bringing up the dirt and makeup of my face that's for sure! It's silicone as well, so its so easy to keep clean, I just wash it under water or with my cleanser now and again and walah its brand new again. It also has a sucker on the back so its easy to stick in the shower or on the wall next to my mirror stopping it lying around the bathroom somewhere and probably losing it! It's not clarisonic but for £1 you would be a fool not to pick it up.

So there you go, there's my favourites! Now it's time to write more posts, have a chicken salad and call up some party venues (exciting), happy Friday! Let me know of any favourites you've got at the moment in the comments so I can try them out!

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  1. i love jane the virgin and the nakd bars are really good as well :)

    danielle | avec danielle