Monday, 4 November 2013

All good months must come to an end.

But not without a monthly favourites!

Hot showers: 
It's getting colder, that's for sure. I got out the other day and the back half of my leg was white and the front half red.

I don't mean the time of day either...
I never really listened to anything from the Arctic Monkeys before but after my new twitter addiction means that one of the girls I follow never stops talking about them. So, obviously I had too check them out and I'm so glad I did! 

I'm obsessed with twitter! I've had my account for two months and I have already tweeted over fifteen hundred tweets. Wow. Haha, it's so great for meeting new friends and live tweeting supernatural episodes! Feel free to follow me here ! My account is definitely very supernatural based so be warned, even my icon is supernatural and my bio. Oh yes, just in case you do decide to follow me I do not run over dogs my bio is a quote. I REPEAT I DO NOT RUN OVER DOGS IT'S A QUOTE. Glad that's covered.

Supernatural, 24, freshers:
Television, something I am way too invested in. There was a big twist in 24(season1) and I literally spent five minutes running around my room like a headless chicken sounding like a dying duck. It's bad. 24 is about an agent called Jack Bower who's trying to save the president but his daughter gets kidnapped followed by a load of other hurdles. That's really good, you should watch it. You should also check out Supernatural because it's beyond amazing, I am literally, obsessed. It's basically about two brothers who fight off supernatural creatures. Down the line angels and demons are brought in and it just gets crazy, I love it. The writers also throw in little funny episodes now and then. It's great. On supernatural anything is possible. Also, freshers. It's been on for a few weeks and it follows a few different students as they experience freshers week. New friends, lot's of drinking and there's an episode based on the orienteering and signing up for classes. It's funny and an insight into the lives of university students. I especially love Forrest and I think you would too! 

Leather jacket:
Everything about them. I'm obsessed with them, boys wearing them, different styles. A leather jacket and a cute scarf is key to not looking dull in your uniform, true story. Oh and boys wearing them, wow. With some dark hair and converse and hipster glasses and I'm getting sidetracked.

It's already November 4th and I can tell (apart from my exam tomorrow morning) it's gonna be a good one. I hope yours is too! 


  1. I can't believe how cold it is already, the end of the year has totally snuck up on me this year. All about the hot baths and showers right now!

    Jennie xo |