Monday, 25 November 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

It's beginning to look like Christmas, everywhere we go! Haha, yesterday I went to watch Catching Fire (which was amazing btw) and because we were in town we took a walk through the German markets which was a bad idea. It was cold, extremely busy and way too dark for a young girl like me. I tell you what, after eight the city centre is full of weirdos. Anyway, we're (well I am) drifting off subject here. While I was in town it certainly felt like Christmas, I picked up a few presents, there was Christmas songs playing in shops and the decorations were beautiful!

Bonus: There's an outdoor ice skating rink this year, exciting!

This isn't my pictures but these were some of the decorations in the centre.

So once I was in the Christmas mood, I decided I wanted to do some Christmas themed posts! This one is going to be (eventually when the waffle is over) about picking the perfect presents!

Gift giving tips!

1: List all the people you have to buy for, if your badly organised like me you could download an app, I use 'No More Socks' it's good for all year round and while it's a little long to set up it's so good when you get into it. Plus it's free! However, you could just find a little notebook and keep your list written down.

2. If you're a buying a present for someone you most likely know them quite well, if your buying for your Mum you could try stuff you know she likes. I'm getting my Mum Robbie Williams new swing album because she loves his swing music. I'm buying my Dad a Family Guy shirt because I know my Dad likes and know he where's them. For my sister a new Hollister body spray because she can never get enough! Then for your friends you can think of all the little things you have in common! One of my friends is very girly and likes all things girl so I brought her some cute earrings from new look. My other friend and myself are obsessed with penguins so I brought her a penguin travel mug, it's easier than you think it'll be! 

3. If you don't know them that well (or they're just hard to buy for) try these websites!

Or just ask them! If they say 'I don't know' hit them around the head for being so awkward.
(Just kidding, don't do that one, or don't say I told you to do it at least)

The most important thing is not to over think it, they will love it for sure, and remember that it's not about quantity. I used to buy so much because I thought of quantity but one or two quality gifts that you know they'll love is way better. For you and them!


  1. Great Christmas Post! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

    With Love,

    That Quirky Panda

  2. It looks so cute and christmassy!