Saturday, 9 November 2013

For the nosey.

This is my second post as part of the #BritishBloggerSelection and it may be an interesting one for those of you who (like me) love to ask questions! 

A (sooo not posed (or recycled)) picture of blogging in action.

Question One: Why Do You Like blogging?
I love talking! Sometimes not everybody wants to hear one of my rambles so I get to write it down and if people want to read they can! 
Question Two: How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name? 
I have no idea! I recently changed it again before that! I haven't been blogging for very long so I haven't really found my blog 'identity' yet, I think this one's a keeper though. 
Question Three: Where From The UK Do You Come From? Birmingham! Brummy accent included lol.
Question Four: Favourite Colour? Pink (does the image give it away?)! Always has been. Recently though I've been loving a nice minty blue or turquoise. 
Question Five: Do You Like Lana Del Ray? Yes! I love this is what makes us girls, diet mountain dew and of course Summertime Sadness. Nothing makes a bus ride more enjoyable.
Question Six: Hidden Talents That You Have? It's not really hidden, but I can dance pretty well! At least I hpe so since I've been having lessons and doing exams for quite a while now! Haha. 
Question Seven: Celebrity Crush? Yes, how to choose one though? I'm a big television and film nerd so I have many... I think my biggest would be Misha Collins from supernatural. He's so funny and brilliant and his videos on YouTube with his son are by far the greatest! I watched a whole season of 24 and a film over half term just to watch him oops! (Tom Hiddleston is a close second) 
Misha playing Castiel in the CW show Supernatural.
Question Eight: Favourite Blog Of All Time? Bonnie! I love her blog. I could think of so many more but she just has me coming back every day and searching her archives! I'm addicted to say the least.
Question Nine: What Made You Want To Join #BritishBloggerSelection? I just love finding new blogs to read! Link ups and little communities like this one excite me so much! 

If you would like to join the #BritishBloggerSelection head over here to read about it. 

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  1. Loved reading your answers! xx

  2. Love your answers! That's how I am with blogging too, I love talking, and I particularly love talking about fashion and sometimes people just don't want to hear me talk about it - so I blog about it! :)

  3. Really liked reading your answers! <3

    Jennie xo |