Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Manners- they really do cost nothing.

I’m sat in bed in my big knitted cardigan (It’s my warmest), with a little dish of raisins and a cup of tea.

I’m enjoying being snuggled up in my big warm bed with the Arctic monkeys on in the background while a ‘storm’ rages outside. It's really cozy, where I am were not affected much by it.

Well, who cares? I can’t find my phone and I think I'm sat on it but I'm too lazy to look so with distractions out the way I thought I could write this post, I need to concentrate because it’s pretty deep. Consider this your warning. (It’s not that deep to be honest but it’s as deep as I get.)

When I went shopping today it occurred to me to me that manners -and smiles- really do cost nothing. (I warned you.)

I’m a really moody person by default so while I love shopping, I hate it at the same time. People are just way to rude these days. Maybe it’s the amount of rude I have been accustomed to means that if anyone is polite I get all giddy.

Wow. They just said excuse me, I think to myself.

Why are you saying sorry? I bumped into you! I am sorry, you are amazing! I feel like shouting.

It just makes me happy when people are polite.

Like today someone pushed past me and I apologise because –let’s be real-  you never really know whose fault it is and this lady shoots me a dirty look and carries on snootily.

Who are you to give me a dirty look? I just wanted some pyjamas; you could've walked round... The rant in my head began.

The next time it happens I just expect them to be rude and the rant continues worse than before but this time the person stops and apologises and all of a sudden the world is right again.

How could one person’s manners put everything right? I don’t know but it does. I want to grab this persons arm and never let go, my faith is restored.

I say sorry and move out of the way (see what manners get people, results!) they pass and I go back to shopping without my mood on.

It’s pretty damn awesome.

It’s not just manners either. The other day I was walking up the stairs at school and when I turned the corner I spotted a girl who I didn't know?

 I’d noticed her, she had noticed me. No dropping my head pretending not to notice now, we caught eye contact and she smiled at me. This is my favourite thing ever, no joke.

When you walk past a stranger and they give you a smile and you return it and everyone’s giddy, well at least I bloody am.

It’s not even a proper smile though. It’s kind of a grimace. It doesn't reach the eyes and usually just involves a little lip movement. But it’s enough.

That smile means, hey, I am a stranger acknowledging your existence. I am happy I crossed paths with you today and am not judging your (very) messy hair.

Or you know what else when a bus driver says thank you to you! It's like saying thanks for letting me drive you around, I wish my mom thought the same haha!

It’s what you need sometimes.

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